"He has worked on a number of programmes inspiring and motivating young people to fulfil their potential in sport and in life...a true inspiration"

- Baroness Sue Campbell CBE (Youth Sport Trust)

Inspire the next generation

Steve has worked, since his days as an elite athlete, as a mentor to students, youth athletes and young professionals. Sometimes this work is within a corporate or charitable programme; sometimes the work is with individual schools or colleges. 

He tailors each session to meet the needs of his mentees, supporting and challenging them to change their patterns of thought and approach their problems differently. He takes examples from his own life - especially his time as a player and captain in the GB wheelchair rugby squad - to share with his mentee the lessons that life has taught him.

To enquire about booking Steve as a mentor, please use the contact page.

"Steve has been a wonderful advocate for, not only Sky Sports Living For Sport, but sport in general...[h]e is a true champion in every way and has had a huge impact on the success of our initiative."

- Jack Etherly (Sky Group)