Steve has reported for BBC 1 at three Invictus Games for BBC Entertainment and Events; last year in Orlando and most recently in Toronto. On both occasions his enthusiastic and warm presenting style has been a great and welcome addition to our coverage. In preparing for the most recent Invictus Games at the BBC’s training facility in Wood Norton Steve demonstrated his ability to deal with any situation thrown at him, and the experience he has gained across the BBC was very much in evidence. He is a compelling and thoughtful live reporter and his commentary brings the games he covers to life. I look forward to working with him again soon.

Guy Freeman

Editor Special Events & Formats, BBC STUDIOS

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It was great to have Steve with us. He is an inspiring young man with an amazing personal story to tell. What I take away from his story is that many things become possible if you believe and have others to believe in you. Steve has been talking to our staff at several occasions and was always ranked highlight of the event. We look forward to continuing to work with him.

Clement B. Booth, Member of the Board of Management, Allianz SE.http://www.allianz.com

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Steve has been a wonderful advocate for not only Sky Sports Living for Sport but Sport in general. He shares his incredible story in a humble but utterly compelling way. Over the 5 years I’ve known Steve I’ve seen young and old captivated and inspired. He is a true champion in every way and has made huge impact on the success of our initiative.

Jack Etherlyhttp://corporate.sky.com/


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Over the last couple of years at the BBC I’ve seen Steve develop as a multi-talented, live-capable primetime presenter. He has the confidence of a top-performing sportsman and the self-discipline to prep well. He gives 100% but makes it look effortless. He can cover sports and events like the London Marathon and Invictus Games with ease but is perhaps most at home in the countryside talking birds, scorpions or rural small businesses. As a presenter he is charming, natural and witty, genuinely interested in everyone he interviews and every topic he covers. Steve is not a great disabled presenter, he’s just a great presenter.

Alison Walsh, BBC Disability Lead

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Steve is a highly valued colleague at the Youth Sport Trust. He has worked on a number of programmes inspiring and motivating young people to fulfill their potential in sport and in life. He is a wonderful communicator with a great story to tell - a true inspiration.

Baroness Sue Campbell CBEYouth Sport Trust