Wheelchair Rugby

Wheelchair rugby has been the cornerstone to my success. I was always sporty and after my injury in 2005 the sport gave me focus and direction. The fitness and strength I got from the sport helped me in day to day life and soon it turned into much more than a hobby.

As time went on the sport became a bigger and bigger part of my life. I started playing for the London Wheelchair Rugby team and by 2010 I was a regular part of the GB squad, by 2012 GB captain. Knowing that I had the trust of the team to lead them through arguably the most pressured environment they will ever be in was an honour. The highlight was not the crowds, the media or the title 'Captain'. There were people in the team that inspired me after my injury, they were my role models and they asked me to lead them, that is the highlight, I was so proud.

2012 London Paralympic Games Wheelchair Rugby Day Seven Sept 5th

Unfortunately injury meant my fight to be part of the GB team for Rio came to an early end. Although my thumb dislocation has completely healed I am far too far behind the curve in terms of strength and fitness to be at my best when it comes to game time in rio. It may spell early retirement from the GB squad for me but we will have to see what comes along to fill the space.

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