Mentor & Youth Programmes

Being that positive role model

I recognise that I would be nothing without the support of others. Now I work to offer people the kind of support that I benefited so much from, so that they can improve themselves in whatever ways they want to. I'm flexible with the shape of my sessions and happy to tailor them to fit my clients' expectations.


I work very closely with a number of colleges and schools, tailoring mentoring sessions to fit the needs of their students. If it's about confidence, attendance, behaviour or focus I can personalise the programme with the help of the tutors to get the very best out of their students.

As an athlete mentor I support and challenge individuals to think differently. I use games and tools to give guidance and direction to groups, highlighting the transferable skills needed to succeed in sport and life. As a positive role model I share my story and experiences so that they can be learned from.


Sky Sports Living for Sport


I've worked for several years as a Senior Athlete Mentor for Sky Sports. As well as delivering mentoring sessions I'm responsible for the quality control of the programme, helping to structure and oversee the training delivered to the 120 athletes involved.