TV & Radio

TV & Radio

My work has encompassed documentaries, broadcast journalism, interviewing and punditry, in such diverse fields as travel, science, nature and sport. There is a small selection of clips below and you can find more on my YouTube Channel.


Channel 4 - Rio 2016 Burrowing Owles

Some presenters do sport. Some presenters do nature. How many presenters can effortlessly combine sport and nature? There's one - his name is Steve Brown.


Channel 4 - Rio 2016 Coverage

Being a part of Channel 4's exemplary coverage of the 2016 Rio Paralympics was incredible. The work was engaging and my colleagues were wonderful but what was most amazing, for me, was being witness to a Team GB performance that exceeded expectations.


BBC - 2016 Invictus Games

This was my second time commenting on The Invictus Games. It was every bit as rewarding as the first time. Thanks to my co-commentator, Eddie Butler, for helping to make it such a fun experience.


BBC - Springwatch

Not a lot of people are aware of my secret passion for wildlife. I guess that's why its called a secret passion. But the time seemed ripe to bring that passion into the open - what better place to do it than on Springwatch?


ITV - World Wheelchair Rugby Challenge

The first ever World Wheelchair Rugby Challenge was held at one of London's iconic Olympic and Paralympic venues - the Copperbox. Eight of the planet's top teams spent a week playing it out to determine their world rankings going into Rio 2016. ITV dedicated 5 hours a day to live coverage and utilised  my expertise as a player and a pundit. It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the sport.


Sky Sports - Game Changers

This is a clip from Sky Sports 1's Game Changers, a magazine-style program aimed at an audience of children and young adults. My role included live work in the studio as well as being out on location interviewing sporting superstars.


Channel 4 - Meet the Superhumans

In the build up to London 2012 I was involved in numerous Channel 4 documentaries and the Paralympic advertising campaign SuperHumans. This was a little piece they made about me.