Community Support

Supporting Good Causes

I know just how much help I have had throughout my life and now I'm in a position to return the favour to others its the vey least I can do. I give what time I can to supporting charities and good causes that help better peoples lives. Sometimes it's about providing support, sometimes it about providing opportunity and sometimes its about awareness.


Wooden Spoon...

I am a huge believer in the work of the Wooden Spoon and help promote their fantastic projects. I have seen this charity make huge differences to many young peoples lives and proud to be an Ambassador.

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I am officially a Patron for the charity Panathlon and regularly attend their amazing inter school and county competitions. Panathlon provide safe environments for competitive competition for young adults and children with learning difficulties. I've even tried my hand at fund raising by doing the 20k arm cycle leg of a team triathlon.

AJ Bell London Triathlon 2015

Swale Youth Development Fund…

25 years ago my Grandad set up the Swale Youth Development Fund. Since then it has grown and supports children and young adults across Swale with the financial support they need to concentrate on their talents and pursue their goal of success. I am now a trustee for this very worth while cause.


The support doesn't stop there…

I regularly speak on behalf of numerous other charities including The Spinal Injuries Association and Access Sport. I do what I can to support Charity work as I know just how important it is... I would not have had the opportunities I did if it was not for support from good people and fantastic charities.