Community Support

Supporting good causes

I've been the beneficiary of so much generosity in my life. I'm now in a position to pass the generosity on to others, which is the least I can do. I give what time I can to supporting charities that I really believe in. This can involve speaking on behalf of charities including The Spinal Injuries Association and Access Sport. Or it can involve a more hands-on style of support, such as in the examples below.


Wooden Spoon

As an ambassador for Wooden Spoon I help to promote the outstanding projects that they run. Seeing children and young adults flourish thanks to their work makes me so proud to be involved.

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Panathlon provide safe environments for competition for young adults and children with learning difficulties. As a patron I regularly attend their amazing inter-school and county competitions. I've even tried my hand at fundraising by doing the 20k arm-cycle leg of a team triathlon.

AJ Bell London Triathlon 2015

Swale Youth Development Fund

The Swale Youth Development Fund, for which I'm a trustee, was founded 25 years ago by my very own granddad. It provides children and young adults across Swale with the financial support they need to concentrate on their talents and pursue their goals.