Coaching Canterbury

A lot has happened since my last blog... days are getting longer, the clocks have changed, the sun is making a more regular appearance and the birds are singing a little louder. With spring well on its way life is that little brighter.

At the moment I'm all about self-improvement. I've been busy attending coaching courses, safeguarding seminars and speaking workshops. I'm doing all I can to keep up to date and better my understanding of individuals requirements. It's been fantastic learning new skills and in turn improving my ability in particular situations. I've always been driven by personal improvement and knowing that these skills will aid my delivery in supporting others is the icing on the cake.

Being Coach of the new Canterbury Wheelchair Rugby Club is a fulfilling role. The vast majority of players have very little knowledge or experience of the game. They absolutely make up for this with their enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Having the opportunity to help shape and mould a group of such motivated individuals that instinctively support and help each other is rare. The support coming from the well-established Canterbury Rugby Club has been invaluable and the wheelchair branch would not be doing as well without it.

I am of course still playing myself. I’ve just returned from Germany and a weekend of playing wheelchair rugby with a small and select number of the London Lions team. We were playing at the biggest annual club level competition of the year. In total around 50 teams entered and we finished a very comfortable 3rd. It was a massive team effort and we took a lot of teams by surprise – There is no substitute for hard work.

I have been invited to share my story at many venues and dinners recently as well as putting together corporate team-building days. I want to say a huge thank you for all the very positive feedback I have received – It is fantastic to know my story can inspire and encourage at any level and age. If you want to see the feedback please do look at my page.

As always Sky Sports has been keeping me busy with 'Game Changers' and 'Sky Sports Living For Sport'. These two roles are different, reporting for Games Changers and working with schools in my senior position as an Athlete Mentor for the Living For Sport program, is fantastic fun. I've also been lucky enough to recently be involved in other youth orientated projects, Project Ability, Sports4All, Panathalon and Young Ambassadors. All are very varied and aimed at supporting particular needs of specific individuals.

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